Grand Master lee

Mr. Lee is one of the leading Taekwondo professionals in Korea and his achievements have gained both national and international recognition. He is Sixth-Dan black belt, an achievement of outstanding merit alone. In addition, the Korean Taekwondo organization recognizes Mr. Lee as Taekwondo Demonstrator

  • Certificate of F.B.I. Newark Headquarter Appreciation For Outstanding Martial Arts instruction & Demonstration

  • Certificate of the 6th Dan Taekwondo skill (W. T. F, Kukkiwon)

  • Certificate of 1st Degree Judo attainment

  • Certificate of the 3rd Class of Taekwondo Master Instructor(W.T.F)

  • License of of Physical Education Teacher

  • License of of the Exercise Prescription Director

  • License of of Physical Education for Children

  • License of Elementary School Teacher

  • License of Chiropractic Adjustment

  • License of Match Leader(Competition Coach)

  • And much more...