J Tiger Masters

We train with the best in Southlake.

  • Effective Team
  • Top Leading Instructors
  • Knowledgable and Disciplined

Explore new territories

Martial Arts is not only self defense but a way of life. Come and explore your potential.

Get a fresh perspective

The mindset is to forget and relearn. If you have studied other martial arts, come with a fresh perspective to increase your professional gain.

Bond with professionals

From all corners of the martial arts industries, our professional instructors have experience with years of friendships under their belts.

Our Instructors

Master Yohan Song

• Taekwondo • Hapkido • Kick boxing • MMA • Boxing • Anis

Instructor Seong Hyeon Kim

• Taekwondo • Hapkido • Weapon • Bo staff • Nun-chuck

Instructor Jeff Farrand

• Taekwondo • Hapkido • MMA • Weapon • AnisBo staff • Nun-chuck

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