After School

We strive to provide 3 main things in our after school program: keeping the kids safe
during after school hours, helping to improve kids academic achievements at school, and involving the kids in supervised constructive activities such as Tae Kwon Do training. Our after school program provides a wide variety of activities designed to meet the needs of children, enrich their experiences and assist them in achieving academic success.

We put heavy emphasis on physical activities during after school care. J.Tiger Tae Kwon Do training will provide just above everything that the body requires
After a physically and mentally challenging workout led by our instructors, children will be prepared to go back home and enjoy quality family time.

Here at J.Tiger, through the learning of Tae Kwon Do children will learn about 
self-discipline, respect, and loyalty. Staff members at J.Tiger will teach students to manage their behavior and handle
stressful situations.

J.Tiger’s after school program is constantly evolving as we zero in on what works. It may take a few more years to perfect our program. But for now, our program
continues to help children achieve positive results with comprehensive team effort from our staff led by Master Lee and parents.

Master Lee

Master Lee has spent 30 years personally training himself to deliver the best taekwondo instruction in Tarrant County. Attending Yongin University in South Korea for four years, Master Lee earned a degree in Taekwondo. He went on to earn 15 years of teaching experience in Korea, distinguishing himself as a qualified instructor in the field of taekwondo. After establishing himself as an excellent taekwondo competitor and demonstrator, Master Lee decided to share his experience with the future generation of taekwondo students.