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Empowering Taekwondo classes for the entire family ages 4 - adult.

Grab This Awesome Trial. Discover J TIGER.

J. Tiger provides Little Tiger classes for ages 5-7, as well as Jr. Tiger, teen and adult classes for ages 8 and up. Exciting classes also offered are nun-chuck and board breaking classes, both twice a week. Through the years, Master Lee and the J. Tiger staff have striven to provide a safe and energetic atmosphere accompanied with detailed instruction. Master Lee’s deep knowledge from his 15 years of previous teaching and professional team experience assures parents that J Tiger Martial Arts provides the best quality of bio-mechanical and conceptual instruction in Taekwondo.

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If you’re searching for kids karate in Chantilly or martial art classes to get yourself back into shape you’ve found the perfect place. While our curriculum is Taekwondo based the specific discipline doesn’t matter as much as finding a school that feels right. Our online trial offer supplies everything you need to get started with absolutely no-risk and no-obligation for you. Simply try our classes, meet our team, meet other students, and judge for yourself.
Trying new things is difficult for all of us. We are all inclined to be a bit anxious about new things—it’s probably some evolutionary trait that has served us well to some degree. However, this natural inclination is a big hurdle for us as we work to share the incredible possibilities that a martial arts journey has to offer. Whether you, your child, or your whole family is interested in classes at TopKick our goal is to introduce you to the awesome possibilities that lay ahead.

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TopKick offers programs that are suited to everyone in the family. Our Taekwondo classes are conveniently offered Monday through Saturday with times chosen to work with your families schedule. Children may begin training with us in specially designed classes as early as 4 years old. Older children and adults may choose to train in any of our convenient classes for children, adults, and families. Contact us with any schedule questions and we’ll be glad to help.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. There is some truth to that in our opinion. Make sure to see the program photos we’ve gathered below. We hope the photos help to convey the constructive, supportive, and fun culture that we are so proud of. Also please be sure to check out our reviews and see what other’s have to say about us. Last, and not least, simply give our classes a try and discover why so many Northern Virginia families choose TopKick.

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What Should You Expect From Classes?

Perhaps most obviously our students learn to effectively kick, punch, block, grab, control, and defend themselves. Not so apparent are the profound benefits that affect the body and mind in a positive way. Throughout time Taekwondo has gained a well deserved reputation for offering increased core strength, improved balance, better coordination, greater flexibility, stress relief, and improved cardiovascular health. Our students also learn the importance of goal setting and develop the ability to better focus in varied situations. With time, and each belt rank, students learn to overcome challenges and develop a unique self-discipline. The result of all of these benefits is a humble self-confidence and profound benefits that last a lifetime.

Awesome Physical Benefits

Profound Emotional Benefits

Our Taekwondo based martial art classes offer an incredible full-body workout for each student, regardless of age. Each kick, punch, block, and stance demands that our large core muscles are engaged. Every skip, slide, and jump hones critical fine motor skills. The results are indisputable. Our students become stronger, more flexible, more agile, and experience awesome gains in stamina. Our classes generate strong, healthy individuals.
Learning a martial art is not easy, and it takes time. Almost every student wants to quit at some point—its difficult. However, with each challenge there are victories. With each victory (big and small) students grow emotionally and in this growth each student (or parent) begins to see virtuous traits like self-confidence, respect, compassion, integrity, and humility. This cycle of challenge and success is perhaps the greatest gift the martial arts have to offer.

Valuable Self-Defense Skills

Positive High Energy Fun

We believe that self-confidence is the best self-defense and that shows in our culture. Contrary to popular belief Taekwondo, Karate, and other martial arts are not really about conflict—they are about personal challenge. Through practice our students will learn to effectively strike, kick, block, and defend themselves. However, they also learn so many virtuous traits (like humility and compassion) that prove to offer a far better defense than any strike.
Our classes are positive and fun…expect to see tons of smiles and plenty of high fives. TopKick South Riding has a wonderful support group of dedicated instructors, staff, and families who love to help others experience the incredible gift of a martial art education. Each class offers challenge in a positively unique way. Our team keeps you moving through these challenges and works to inspire each student to achieve things that once seemed impossible.

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Each journey begins with one step. We’ve made taking that first step incredibly simple. Just click the “Get Started & Try” button below…then let your TopKick journey begin. If you prefer you can give us a call or stop by and visit. If you call or visit be sure to mention that you would like the online rates and we’ll be happy to offer those to you.